About Us

Collapse Life is a thinking person’s guide to civilization in demise. While it might sound pessimistic and gloomy, the vision is quite the contrary. Just as a responsible doctor would not lie to a terminal patient about their prospects for the future, we feel a duty to help people understand the reality of our current situation, see that as a species we have “been here before,” and learn how to actually thrive in this turbulent world.

Where we differ from other publications and podcasts is our tone. We will focus on developing resilience, grit, and adaptability without fear-mongering or finger-pointing. Our content will include articles, videos, and interviews that focus on practical skills, historical context, and thought-provoking analysis. 

Collapse Life readers seek to be informed, empowered, and entertained. They thrive on connecting with a community of like-minded people who see the world the way they do and are learning to navigate the challenges of a civilization in decline with humor, humility, and grace. The magazine conveys a story of hope, determination, and the strength to forge a new path forward in the wake of our crumbling society.