There are many alarming scenes of dehumanization throughout Soylent Green, the 1973 dystopian film starring Charlton Heston, but one is particularly poignant. When Heston’s character discovers a factory where human corpses are being turned into edible green wafers, he is spotted and then chased by two factory workers.

It’s horrifying to think that humans — actual people — would be willing participants in the evil manufacturing process taking place to produce Soylent Green. It’s worse to think that when an intruder is spotted, they would defend their nefarious employer to the point it cost them their own lives.

Stockholm Syndrome doesn’t even begin to explain it.

So what does make people accept and participate in activities that go against their own nature? In a recent Collapse Life story on Substack, we looked at a few psychological and sociological principles that may help explain it, as well as some antidotes: faith, truth, and human connection.

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